Sabotaje del campeonato estatal de caza de zorros.

El pasado 29 de enero llevamos adelante un sabotaje de la caza de zorros en Galicia. Cerca de 150 activistas provenientes de diferentes puntos del territorio español acudieron obstaculizaron la caza de forma no violenta.
Los cazadores respondieron con agresiones tanto a activistas y como a periodistas que cubrĂ­an el evento.

Pero nada de esto frenarĂ¡ el sabotaje de la caza.

Con esta acciĂ³n, ademĂ¡s de salvar las vidas de numerosos animales, buscamos concienciar a la sociedad de que los animales no son recursos a nuestra disposiciĂ³n.

Cazar no es otra cosa que disparar a un animal y asesinarlo.  La palabra asesinar es definida en el Diccionario de la Lengua como: “Matar a alguien con premeditaciĂ³n, alevosĂ­a, etc.”. Ésa es la definiciĂ³n exacta de lo que constituye la caza.

La caza es una forma mĂ¡s de explotaciĂ³n animal. Sus defensores ven a los animales como recursos a nuestra disposiciĂ³n, en lugar de cĂ³mo lo que realmente son: seres que, como nosotros, pueden sufrir y disfrutar. Seres para quienes el sufrimiento y la muerte es un mal, y que, por tanto, debemos respetar.

En Equanimal hacemos activismo constante contra la caza y sus causas:

  • Acudimos a los lugares donde los animales son cazados para sabotear la caza.
  • Organizamos protestas contra esta para ir socabando la idea de que la caza es una actividad justa.
  • Trabajamos para transmitir al conjunto de la sociedad el mensaje de que todos los animales deben ser respetados.

They build shelter for Andean bear to ensure conversation

In order to implement actions for the conservation of the spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus)  nationwide they build shelter for bear to trained them from theoretical and practical training workshop on methods that will take place in Cusco in southern Peru.

The activity is organized by the National Forest Service and Wildlife (SERFOR) and Matrix Roofing to provide necessary shelter and aims to create spaces for dialogue, exchange of experiences and best practices for research and conservation Andean bear.
Methodological tools also provide assessment of the species in the field, analysis and interpretation of data to identify their presence, their status, their importance in the restoration and regeneration of forest species.
In addition, it seeks to determine whether the bear is causing a conflict with man (crops or livestock) and what are the procedures in these cases, or confiscations, hunting, among others.
The spectacled bear also called spectacled bear is categorized as Vulnerable (VU) to extinction both global and national levels and is included in Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Cites), conservation status prohibits trade between the 180 member countries.
It is estimated that populations of Andean bears in Peru will decrease by 30 percent over the next 30 years. Its decline is due to habitat loss, hunting and direct persecution by conflict from agriculture or livestock. Thus, as the opening of roads that expose bears confrontation with humans.
This workshop includes theoretical sessions in Cusco and practical sessions at the Biological Station Wayquecha ACCA Cloud Forest located in the province of Paucartambo, district Kosñipata in Cusco, and located within the habitat of the spectacled bear.
The training will form a network composed of officials SERFOR both the headquarters, and its Technical Administration of Forestry and Wildlife (ATFFS) and the Regional Government of Cusco, Puno and Apurimac.
As well as students and Peruvian researchers from the above regions to work together in solving conflicts caused by this species and to have information, updates on their populations.

How to create a free website for Animal Rescue

There are two things that usually ring true when it comes to animal rescue activists. Animal rescuers shown tremendous dedication to their work and struggle to meet the costs of caring for the animals after they have been saved. Fundraising allows people involved in animal rescue work to continue their efforts. Many animal rescue teams have found innovative and creative ways to raise money without spending too much money forms. Today, almost all types of marketing, including fundraising, involves marketing on the Internet. Animal rescuers can create a web presence effective use of free web resources.Write a blog. Several blog sites allow anyone to create a blog with photos, reviews, comments, links, RSS feeds and other applications, and formatting options. Use all the tools to create the blog provides a powerful website that explains processes animal rescue, tells the stories of animals and demonstrates the satisfaction of being part of this effort. Post comments on the blog as this often so that people will look back on the link of your blog.Use hébergement site web or GooglePage to design a basic website, but attractive and convincing animal rescue. GooglePages provide predefined templates, navigation tools, a simple text editor, tools for adding links and images.
Use one of the websites that host free services available on the Internet to build a simple website. These sites contain ads hosting service, but the manufacturer’s Web site can add Web pages and content as many as necessary, perform basic editing of text and insert images.

New films on the protection of animals

There were three movies released in 2014 with relationship to animal: “Blood Dolphins”, “Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home”  and “Bold Native”. “Blood Dolphins”  Animal Planet hosted this documentary that presents the current reality of the hunting of dolphins in the world. You are able to watch series online of this program at project free tv.

The hunting of dolphins is an ancestral Act which has been banned in much of the world for many decades. However, there are some areas where it is still common practice, including Japan, Solomon Islands in the South Pacific and the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic.

With the growing controversy over this trade, why hunting dolphins? There are several reasons, but most of them boil down to money.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Click to watch Free Movies Online.

Dolphins for sale

Business of the dolphins is a lucrative business, and for many fishermen, is his only source of income. One way to get a great benefit is across the industry of the dolphin show. Currently, the majority of dolphins that are displayed in the parks are born in captivity, but some are acquired through hunting. According to, a bottlenose dolphin live can sell for more than $150,000 to a dolphin theme park, or exhibition centers.

But many other dolphins are captured and their fate is often death. In U.S. aquariums accredited by the Association of zoos and Aquariums (AZA), there are no dolphins of these hunts since this organization has a strict code of ethics.

Meat market

Despite the low quality of the dolphin meat and the high level of mercury containing, poachers kill them for their meat, and then distribute it to restaurants, grocery and even schools shop.The website (save the Japan dolphins) advises that the meat is often poorly labeled and sold as whale, which is more valuable and nutritious meat. Citizens buying dolphin meat are often unaware of their high levels of mercury, or believe that they are buying whale meat. The fishermen also sometimes buy the meat and use it as bait in pots of crab or other types of fishing.

See the website of youtubeonfire for the documentary “Blood Dolphins”

“Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home” (Pacific Kingdom: the journey home)

In the line of Movie2k like “Food, Inc.”, “RPacific eino: the journey home” is a fascinating documentary that shows the experiences of transformation of five conventional farmers. The film also features a touching story of a COP who fights every day to help the animals abused in farms.

The documentary includes rare shots of dramatic rescues of animals and vividly describes the individual and family ties of farm animals.

This 78-minute documentary won prizes in festivals of PRE-BANKRUPTCY won the audience award at the Yale environmental Film Festival, it received the grand jury prize at the International Festival of cinema of Canada, and took the prize for best documentary at the Chicago completo Peace on Earth Film Festival.

The company that produced the film, Tribe of Heart, is a nonprofit that took place in the last decade, award-winning films whose purpose was to raise awareness and change lives. The organization works to empower the people who care and help them to become agents of social change peacefully. His first film, “The Witness ‘ (the witness), was exhibited on 32 festivals around the world and received eight awards as best documentary and two best of the Festival awards.

See the site of the documentary “Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home”

“Bold Native”

This drama has received an enormous amount of positive since before its launch reviews. The film is a (fictional) history of a man who is being pursued by the Government for the activity of releasing animals. The subject tries to orchestrate a massive action in several States before being captured by the FBI.

Charlie Cranehill, a deliverer of animals who is wanted by domestic terrorism, emerges from the interior to coordinate action at the national level. His estranged father, a CEO, tries to find it before the FBI does.

Its content is serious and stimulating, while it also is a witty and funny film. The quality of the acting and the film is very good.

“Bold Native” is not a film “preaching” or a fictional documentary. It is a film for everyone, not only for the animal rights activists. It’s a well written, well acted, dramatic and surprising film that moves people.

“Bold Native”, is a non-linear film so be prepared to follow the past and the present.

The film has the power to change people so that the horrible images of documentaries can not, because you are involved in the fight, instead of being repelled by the reality of the cruelty to animals.

Ten books featuring animals

They are our most loyal friends, and never ask for anything in return. Well, Yes, a cookie or you rasques them the head a bit, but nothing more complicated than that. Animals are present in our lives, whether as cute pets, or as dangerous predators, and as such, should have a gap in the literature. We present ten books in which bugs are the undisputed protagonists.

1 Kazan wolfdog

When I started reading, I did so with the books of the five Enyd Blyton, with the El Coyote’s Mallorquí, and the novel by Zane Grey and company West. I remember that the collection of novels of the West were format of the front of the photo, and I remember fondly one of the books, starring a dog. It was Kazan, wolfdog, James Oliver Curwood. Kazan is a mestizo of Wolf and dog Husky, who lives in the cold north america (I remember that in Canada) at the end of the 19th century, and which live and wild dog sled dog adventures. This duality of the Wolf and the dog will be present throughout the work, living in one way or another as the circumstances are taken.

2 white Fang

Very similar to the previous novel argument is White Comillo, of Jack London. A puppy whose mother is dying Wolf is found by some American Indians, who rescue him and take him to their camp. There his life will be hard, because the rest of the Pack does not recognize it as a dog, but as a Wolf, and they will be hostile. Already adult, it will be sold for a few bottles of whisky (ah, damn white man fire water!) to take part in dog fights, which will be finally withdrawn by a seeker of gold, which will acquire it so accompany him on his adventures.

3 –The Alchemist (novel)

The Alchemist (Portuguese: O Alquimista) is a novel by Paulo Coelho first published in the year 1988. Originally written inPortuguese by its Brazilian-born author, it has been translated into at least 67 languages as of October 2009. An allegorical novel, the alchemist pdf follows a young Andalusian shepherd named Santiago in his journey to Egypt, after having a recurring dream of finding treasure there.

4 shark

Peter Benchley will bring in shark another danger coming from the depths, in this case in the form of a white shark (white again, yes) that will cause terror on a tourist beach in the United States. Despite warnings from experts, the economic interests will prevail, and the beaches will remain open in full tourist season, with catastrophic results (for people, so happy shark.). Finally, they will have to undertake the hunt and capture of the great white.

5 Lassie, returns to the home

The most famous dog in the world (with permission of Laika) is due to a series of novels by Eric Knight, who then would be carried to the cinema and the TV Lassie, the sympathetic collie dog that helped their young masters, and solved mysteries and desfacia wrongs. Lassie returns home is the first of these books, the origin of the series.

6 babe, pig in the city

An atypical animal, which despite its appearance pig, managed to gain a corner in our hearts. My niece spent years without eating ham because I didn’t eat Babe, for example. Dick King-Smith tells the story of Babe, a pig farm, who one day decides to shop around for the big city, living incredible adventures. In the book, the animals are “humanized”, i.e., speak, think and feel like people, only they do it between them.

7. the wind in the willows

Kenneth Grahame’s book is a classic of British children’s literature. The wind in the Willows, a toad, a mole, a rat and a Badger live together various adventures.It’s singing to the English pastoral life, in which each character represents a social class, and their behavior is that social type. It’s a nice book, which emphasizes values such as friendship, camaraderie, the pleasure of the company of friends and the simple pleasures.

8. the birds

The horror comes from the sky. In the book of Daphne Du Maurier, popularized by the Hitchcock film, the birds crazy and start attacking people. Some small animals can cause so much damage it is somewhat frightening. The birds is one of those books that you changes the way of seeing things. I never look at the birds in the same way as before. I know that they have evil intentions.

9 platero and I

Juan Ramón Jiménez book tells the small living of the Huelva province village of Moguer, observed by a donkey and its owner, the same author. In it, both live anecdotes and adventures along short chapters, forming a complete book, narrating a story from start to finish in 138 parts. Talks between the ass and its owner (monologues, finally and after) will serve as an excuse to introduce us to the people and the customs of life in the countryside.

10 animal farm

We leave to the end one filled with animals; Animal farm. Pigs, horses, sheep, cattle across a farm full of bugs. A good day farm animals, tired of the treatment provided to them by the farmer, decide to rebel and take the farm, for self-management later. What initially began in an idyllic way, begins to distort, when some animals begin to have more privileges than others. George Orwell will be in the book in an allegorical way the Russian Revolution, and the beginning of communism in the Soviet union.

Animals according to your body cover (feathers, hairs, scales, skin)

With the following educational resource children work the concept covered body in animals: hair, scales, feathers, and fur.

Animals according to your body cover (feathers, hairs, scales, skin)

After millions of years of evolution, human beings in different structures have been developed to upholster your skin. Scales, plates, pens, shields, hairs and nude skins are a sample of the enormous variety that have reached these covers at present. Skin is for animals the main means to ensure their survival in an aggressive environment. This cover protects the individual of a very diverse nature. Thick layers of hair or wool, markers or fat blankets, not only isolated from the cold and wet, but it generated a reserve to prevent shortages of nutrients.

Animals are generally characterized by 4 body covers:

1. scales: this type of body covering fish and reptiles have. The origin of the scales in vertebrates is fish, which have scales covering almost all of the skin and break off easily. They reappear again in reptiles, this group having much importance their isolation from the external environment and moisture retention.


2. hair: this type of body cover mammals have it. The sponge curls hair (and the layer of hairs, called fur) is a unique feature of mammals. No other creature has real hair, and all mammals have at least some hairs at some stage in their lives.


3. feathers: this type of body covering is characteristic of birds. The feathers are the distinctive feature of birds, really the only one that is not shared with any other group of animals. The feathers are that provide them with its striking colour, protection against the cold and intense heat, allow them to move easily in the air and the water, hiding them from their enemies and are also one of the causes that man them has domesticated, trapped and hunted. Call the set of feathers plumage, which is of vital importance in reproductive aspects and camouflage.

Pavo real

4. nude skin: amphibians have a naked skin, that’s why they must always be near water. Your skin is very unprotected which have skin glands that moisten it. Amphibians breathe pulmonarmente and also make it through the skin.


How does marijuana affect your pet

We will never be sure what was thinking Bruce Blunt, a fan of the mota’s 40 years of Chicago, when he launched smoke of marijuana inside the mouth of your Chameleon.What we do know is that he was not charged with animal cruelty.

Blunt became a viral sensation when his video that threw smoke of marijuana inside the mouths of his Chameleon reached more than 500,000 reproductions in days. Blunt said that the smoke that your Chameleon, whose name is Binna and tends to be very aggressive, be quiet. After receiving information about the video, PETA filed a complaint with the Chicago authorities, who arrested Blunt several days later. However, Judge Robert Kuzas decided that the behavior of Blunt, although it was “unnecessary and immature”, was not criminal, because the animal showed no harm. Blunt was acquitted.

In addition to the legal implications, another big question is whether it is ethical to give mota to your pets. I put this question to the doctor Robert Goggs, lecturer at the school of veterinary medicine from Cornell University and a Ph.d. in veterinary science. He believes that “If an owner gave medicinal marijuana to your pet to relieve the pain would not be something clever, but not so it would be unethical”, but added that he would prefer that people seek veterinary advice before doing so. “Veterinarians have access to a wide range of sedatives designed or routinely used on animals that we know that they are safe, effective and economical”, doctor Goggs said. “Why experimenting with a drug that might not help and may even hurt when there are safe and effective medicines?”

Also asked about the effectiveness of the drug in animals. Perhaps people like Blunt are antropomorfizando your pets to assume that these are pachequean like us?

doctor Goggs told me “the active ingredient in Marijuana Detox receptors found in the brain and other tissues of dogs and probably also cats. We know that the drug produces signs of poisoning in dogs and cats. This implies that the drug and its metabolites reach the brain and affect recipients, so we could say that the drug is ‘effective’ “.”

At the same time, “actually not there is no safe dose marijuana for dogs or cats, so it is not sensible to try to use it on them”. In addition, the doctor Goggs added: “many veterinarians have seen dogs and cats getting sick by eating marijuana of their owners.Most recover, but there is the possibility that an intake of mota in medical amounts can kill your pet.”

For now, probably most likely avoid giving marijuana to your animals. If you have aches, stick to this outdated method to take him to the vet. If they look bored, buy them a new toy is much safer – and cheap – to give grass. And remember that pets do not know the time, so when they give 4:20, beware the mota for you only.

Aid associations of protection and defence of animals



Annual development programs, projects, or activities whose objective is the protection of pet animals, as set out in the Act 4/1994 of 8 July, the Generalitat Valenciana.

Interested parties/applicants

Associations of protection and defence of animals non-profit, legally constituted and registered in the registry of associations of the Department of Justice and public administrations, and that have as their main purpose the defence and protection of animals and develop some of the activities in the ‘Additional information’ section, in the territory of the region of Valencia.

Amount of the aid/recovery procedure

Aid per beneficiary will be 60% of the total cost budgeted for the whole of the activities for which request aid for operating costs, with a maximum amount per beneficiary of 7,200 euros, and 80% of the total cost budgeted for investments relating to the construction and adaptation of facilities with a maximum aid amount per beneficiary of 12,000 euros.

Where to contact?

-In the records of the administrative bodies to which they are travelling or before any administrative body that belong to the General Administration of the State, of any administration of the autonomous communities, or of any of the entities that form the Local Administration if, in the latter case, the appropriate agreement had subscribed, as well as in diplomatic representations or consular of Spain abroad.
-Also at any post office. In this case you must submit in open envelope that can stamp the seal and the date on the application form and the copy.
-At the regional offices of the Department of agriculture, fisheries, food and water.
– And, preferably, in:


The deadline for submission of requests, for the year 2012, shall be one month from the day after the publication of the notice in the DOCV No. 6740, on 23/03/2012.

Classroom procedure

-Presentation of the application and required documentation.
-The statement of the procedure for granting subsidies and the issuance of the motion for a resolution is at the service of innovation and livestock technology of the Ministry of agriculture, fisheries, food and water, which will perform nursing actions it considers necessary for the determination, knowledge and verification of the data whereby the motion for a resolution must be , and that will send a report of evaluation of applications to the College.
-In the light of the evaluation report the College will be the proposal of granting of the aid.
-Is delegated to the director-general competent in the field of livestock the granting and refusal of aid. This decision shall be communicated to the applicant.
-The lack of express resolution and notification within the period of six months from the termination of the period for submission of applications, dismissing effect. However, this term will not begin to count until the publication of the maximum overall amount of aid approved for each financial year.


-Application form where stating the name and Head Office of the Association.
-Certified copy of the statutes of the Association. In the case of modification of the same, shall submit such modification.
-Certification attesting to registration in the register of associations, in the case of not be collaborating entity of the Ministry of agriculture, fisheries, food and water,
-Certified photocopy of the tax of the Association, as well as their legal representatives.
-Certification issued by the Secretary of the Association that the applicant acting on behalf of the same.
-Certification issued by the Secretary of the Association in which express reference is made to the number of partners of the same.
-Printed high third of the Generalitat Valenciana, accompanied by certificate of the financial entity, the ownership of the bookkeeper surry hills that the payment of the aid, in the event of high, low, or changes to the data in the system of accounting information of the Generalitat must be.
-The associations recognised as collaborators, to be considered as such for the purposes of the order of priority established in the ‘Additional information’ section, must be presented for approval, as established in article 23 of the Decree 158/1996, on 13 August, the Consell, which develops the law 4/1994, de la Generalitat Valenciana, 8 July , on the protection of companion animals, the programme of activities to be developed, with an indication of the calendar.
-For activities of operating expenses, description of the activities for which requested help with detailed of each budget.
-For the activities of maintenance costs, consumables and the headquarters of the Association rent up to a maximum of twenty-five percent of the total budget (expenses of the hostel), the hostel must be registered as core. In the event that it is owned by the city and is managed by the protective Association, must submit the Convention updated with the corresponding city.
-For collection programmes of animals abandoned in public whose destination is an animal shelter registered as core, they must submit the agreement of the program with the City Council.
-For projects work and works of the corresponding city license. The project will not be necessary if, in the case of an adaptation of facilities, there is a modification of the built volumes. In the case of these activities must present the administrative Declaration of core Zoo.
-Statement responsible for the applicant on the compliance of labour integration of people with disabilities or, where appropriate, exemption from this obligation.
-Responsible for declaration of not being in the prohibitions for status of beneficiary laid down in article 13 of law 38/2003, General subsidies.
Submission of the request by the beneficiary shall imply the authorization to the managing body to collect the certificates to be current tax liabilities (tax agency and Generalitat Valenciana), and in front of the Social Security.

Other information

(a) part of the operating expenses necessary for the development of one or more of the following activities:
Educational or campaigns of social awareness, whose objective is the dissemination of aspects of law 4/1994, of 8 July, for the protection of pet animals. These will be carried out through schools, civic, or non-profit related entities.
-Campaigns to reduce the number of abandoned pets based on control over the size of their populations.
-Programs authorized collection of pets abandoned whose destination is a zoological core registered as temporary shelter for these animals.
-Maintenance programs Zoological nuclei registered for the temporary shelter for abandoned pets.
-The costs of maintenance, consumables and the headquarters of the Association rent up to a maximum of twenty-five percent of the budgeted total. This aid is incompatible with the one indicated in the previous point.
(b) the construction and/or adaptation to technical legal requirements of the facilities for shelter for abandoned pets, as laid down in the Decree 158/1996, of the Consell, which develops law 4/1994 of 8 July.
The beneficiary must allocate assets to the particular purpose for which requested the grant, for a period of five to two years, depending on whether goods which can be registered in a public register or not, with the exceptions provided for in paragraph 5 of article 31 of the General Law of subsidies.

If chosen supports all exceeds the funds available in each of the sections, the granting of the subsidy will be made taking into account the following order of preference to be applied to each set of requests grouped into their respective sections:
-First: Applications filed by associations recognized as collaborators of the Ministry of agriculture, fisheries, food and water.
-Second: Rest requests
Within each of the two previous levels, preference will be given those requests for which attest to deal with higher percentage of disabled workers in connection with their templates, prior to the publication of this order, or companies that commit to hiring one higher percentage for the temporal scope of duration of the grant.

If ordered all records as set out above, there is enough credit for all requests within the same level of preference, will assist in the arrangement of the same points, giving one point for each one hundred partners up to a maximum of 10 points. If a same level of score did not exist sufficient credit to satisfy all the requests, be its apportionment.

The perception of the AIDS referred to in this order is inconsistent with any other aid of national or community administration for the same purpose. For these purposes the technical services will conduct periodic checks.

Investments will be made and justified before the Administration before 15 October of each budget year for which the grant, through supporting account, which shall include the statement of activities that have been funded with grant and its cost with the breakdown of each of the expenses incurred, attaching invoices corresponding to the same third party has been granted as well as their bank proof of payment. However for the year 2012 and by resolution on October 3, 2012, sets “that extend the realization and justification of the services provided to the administration until November 8, 2012″.
When the amount of the eligible expenditure exceeds the amount of € 30,000 in the case of cost for execution of work, or 12,000 euros in the alleged provision of goods of equipment or provision of services by companies of consultancy or technical assistance, the recipient must request and present at least three bids from different suppliers and may not be higher than the market value prior to the contraction of the commitment to the provision of the service or delivery of the goods, unless by special characteristics of eligible expenditure there is sufficient market number of entities that provide it or pay. The choice between the tenders submitted will be in accordance with criteria of efficiency and economy, and must be justified expressly in memory choice when it falls not on the most advantageous quotation.

Animal protection law: commissions of the Congress approved draft law

Standard considered as crime abuse to domestic and wild animals

Ley de protección animal: comisiones del Congreso aprobaron proyecto de Ley | Actualidad

The agrarian commissions and Andean villages, environment and ecology of the Congress of the Republic approved the draft Bill No. 3371/2013-CR and law firm business in Israel on protection and Congressman Yonhy Lescano Animal Welfare Act.

The draft criminalizes the acts of cruelty to animals, whether domestic or wild, and provides for penalties of up to two years in prison just for abuse and up to five years if the animal dies consequences of such abuse.

Abuse that is referenced in the project contemplates the treatment in case of wild, water, domestic and wild animals in captivity, responsible ownership, biodiversity and animal welfare, which included the competence of authorities such as the ministries of agriculture, production, environment, education, health; as well as local governments and regional, that they will have the power to punish the crime of abuse.

Also, establish the obligations of the owners or persons in charge of an animal; promote partnerships for protection and Animal welfare; as well as temporary shelters for animals in a State of abandonment; regulates the experiments, research and teaching with animals only in charge of universities and specialised centres only when you can not use other methods that do not include animals, and a Committee on institutional care and use Animal control the universities and centers are required to create.

Lescano project also punishes the abandonment of animals in public, the use of these in entertainment where undertakes activities affecting their physical integrity, torture, mutilation or molestation of animals for training of staff of the armed forces or police, among others.